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Vista language packs have disappeared

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    Do you know if Chinese Traditional is available?  Don't see that listed

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    for those who still were not able to get the enlish language pack installed;
    This is what helped me fix it;

    found a hotfix from Ms published last week (oct 23, 2007) Technet article
    942903, version 1.0.
    Find your fix there!
    After downloading this fix ( mine is 64 bit) installed it.
    It did a lot off actions.
    Language pack en-US initial install from windows update after running this fix did fail again, but I captured the download and copied it away.[ for those not familiar look under c:\windows\softwaredistribution\download & find a file with 367 Mb size - 64 bit version-]
    I renamed it to lp-en-us.exe (for archiving purposes handy too) &  unpacked this; it created the "".  I advice you to do the same.

    My advice too is to first reboot machine (might take a while still) after running the fix.
    Then try to install the the language pack from "control panel/regional settings & language options" choose to install new language pack and browse to the previously saved ""
    It should now be recoqnized as the English language pack and install will start. It will give you a license acc. dialog here, accept and be patient for a while.
    This worked out fine with me.
    I guess the license dialoge might have been the killer when running under windows update....

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    Aamir Nazir Butt

    Hello Friends,Thanks for the downloads. I did according to instaructions and I got all files from cab but yet the problem exists for me as I have japanese windows vista I have yet to find the ways for installation. Please help what should I to do after extarcting files from cab. Moreover if on someone need those files he/she can ask for the same by sending his/her email address Thanks & regards,Aamir (I need to watch my language)r (Japan)

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    Nah, it is just those random problem that the update can't pick up what application is installed. I have that problem long ago and few weeks later, it appears again. And I have another issue that it keeps telling me to update my dream scene.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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