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Nicely done... OSS support

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    Kudos to MS for the below info.. this is both informative and actionable. Makes me feel very happy Smiley

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    That is so sweet! And they say Microsoft is evil...

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    You couldn't really ask for a more measured and reasonable response.  Almost makes you wonder if there is now a Balmer imposter about the place. Wink

    Seriously though, even aside from the partisanship, that is one of the most helpful error messages that I have come across

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    Sven Groot

    The whole "Problem reports and solutions" bit in Vista gets not nearly enough love. It can be seriously useful, especially for non-technical users who're not in the habit of scouring the Internet for solutions for their problem. Sure it doesn't always have the answer but it's a damn sight better than what was there before.

    The only thing that's really wrong with it is that it's way too hard to see what problem a solution is for. You have to click "see related problems" at the bottom to find that out and that's not obvious at all.

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    I love that piece in Windows Vista. It's very well done!

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