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    I'm trying to deploy a simple (classic) ASP app on a hosted server and can't seem to get MSXML to stop looking for the XHTML DTD.   

    var doc = new ActiveXObject( "MSXML2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument" );
    doc.async = false;
    doc.validateOnParse = false;
    doc.load( path );

    Even with validation turned off, doc.load( path ) causes the script to time out because the system cannot locate the XHTML DTD.  Setting doc.resolveExternals to false is not a solution since any entity reference (i.e.:  ) will provoke a parse error.

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    I've corrected the behavior but still wonder if there's a different solution.  Apparently, the hosted server's MSXML version differs from mine and I needed to doc.setProperty( "ServerHTTPRequest", true ). 

    Still, I would prefer that the document just be checked to ensure it is well formed (especially since I've turned off .validateOnParse).  Is there anyway to ignore the DTD and still have entity definitions ( ) not provoke a parse error?

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    <off topic>  speaking of errors... this made me laugh this morning:

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