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Ooxml analysis

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    I didn't use the same title as the blog but from the examples this author shows it's pretty clear that there are some serious or illogical problems with ooxml.

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    Eh, at least it's better than the OpenDoc specs.  They don't even tell you enough to load a spreadsheet.  You'd have to consult the source code.

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    Source code == documentation. Every good developer knows that Wink

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    Mmm, I think it's a bit unfair.. it's an open standard to say, go ahead, do modifications etc, we'll make the format something reasonably easy..

    The points going through are to do a basic action yes, but these actions are starting from the base up..

    Given that someone would 'really' want to write a system that could modify an excel document. Would you really Micro manage your actions that way?

    No, you would write a set of classes that can load the file, parse the entire structure into its 'oo' version.

    Then you would call methods against this instance, which would handle all the standards it has to adhear to.

    The argument seems more against the format Microsoft chose, but it is THEIR format, and it's created like that for reasons, reasons that aren't "hah it'll make it really hard for anyone else to make sense of".

    If you want to support their format, you should put the work in.. and if Microsoft have been nice enough to create a version in .NET, then kudos to them, and why not look at their implementation for inspiration to writing your own..

    After all, you've been given:

    An an open format (specifications for how it should work)
    Written in a base format that any system should be able to use (xml and basic achieving)
    An 'example' of how it could be done

    Other than Microsoft coming to your office, sitting down and doing all the work for you? what do you expect. Expressionless

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