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C&C. For Free.

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    Ubisoft is also giving games away: Far Cry, Prince of Persia and 2 others. The games are now ad-supported. Anyone know how to block those?

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    Man I feel old.
    I can remember eagerly waiting for C&C to come out after squeezing every last morsel of enjoyment out of Warcraft I.
    I can remember my friend, who had the day off on release day, excitedly calling me to say he'd picked up two copies for us to play that night.
    I can remember playing endless hours over serial connection (quickly ugraded to LAN) on my 486dx266 laptop.
    I can remember having to wipe down the trackball on a regular basis during the game as my grimy geeksweat would cause it to slip every 20 minutes or so. I was happy when switching to a PCMCIA LAN card freed up a serial port for an external mouse.
    I remeber Nod bike swarms, and building sandbag spiders out towards the enemy base to plant gun turrets at chokepoints. I remember making a profit by building said turret then selling it for two soldiers and a chunk of $ (and the swift house rule against said tactic until it was patched).

    Good times. 12 years?!? Good god.

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    ISOs are removed from download.

    If you stumbled and fell down, it doesn't mean yet, that you're going in the wrong direction.
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    DCMonkey wrote:
    ...excitedly calling me to say he'd picked up two copies for us to play that night.

    You only needed one copy.

    Tiberian Dawn was on 2 CDs for reason twofold:

    • Each campaign can have its own disc
    • You can give a disc to a friend so you can play with/against them
    This isn't really relevant in this day of DVD games, but it was nice whilst it lasted (right up until 2001 with Red Alert 2)

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