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MFC Wizard Overload

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    I was putzing around in VS2005, and trying to build a small, special purpose graphics tools for manipulating bitmaps in specialized ways. After what seemed like HOURS of Googling, I finally cobbled together some routines that were sort a mishmash of ideas in C++. I then picked up an older book on Visual C++ 6.0 (old, I know), because I thought there might be a slightly easier way of going about this. I then thought "hey, why don't I give the MFC wizard thingy a try? It's gotta be better than this."

    A few checkboxes later, I produced a basic MFC application. It looked real nice, too.

    But then I started digging around.

    I was appalled that it generated so many files, and then when I tried to work through each file to see what each part did, I was like "wow, wtf does half of this stuff even do? Do I really need all that?" 

    Is MFC wizard-generated code always a pain to work with?

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