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Browser preview asks for Silverlight Beta

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    I have Silverlight RC 1.0 installed. However, when I encode projects with Expression Media Encoder and check the "Preview in Browser" option, the Default.html displays a "Get Siliverlight Beta" jpeg. Clicking it takes me to which tells me, I've got it installed.

    Any hint?
    Do I need another version of Silverlight to work with Encoder? Which one? Links?

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    that happened to me with taffiti

    i loaded it twice then it finally stopped and loaded the site

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    Hmm... it's wired. The "detectAgControlVersion()" function in the Silverlight.js provided by Media Encoder returns -1 although Silverlight is definitely installed.

    Any hints?

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    Solved the problem with help from Scott Hanselman and Tim Heuer and blogged about it here:


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