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    Chinmay007 wrote:
    ScanIAm wrote:
      It may take longer to install, it might not produce files that are compatible with the rest of the world's OS choice, but yes, they sure can live just fine.

    What takes longer to install? What files aren't compatible with Windows?

    Mac OS X is usually preinstalled with computers, I have no experience with installing it. Ubuntu and Fedora both install significantly faster then Windows XP or Vista, that include a lot of software in the install. Ubuntu in fact, can be completely installed while using Windows.

    I remember Vista took 20 minutes to install, WUBI took 4 hours (that did include downloading time). Even then Ubuntu had the same driver problems it always does when I get around to installing it again. Sure you can do most of the stuff on Windows on Linux. But it is so much easier to just use Windows, that is why it's so popular.

    Mac OS is also a very different type of product because it's not about the OS, but about the whole Mac package or experience. The design, the hardware, the brand and yes the OS too. But it's more then just a piece of software and isn't trying to be another Windows, which many Linux distros are.