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What are/were your parents doing?

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    Lets start with my:

    Mother: teacher (math, elementary school)
    Father: director of the youth hostels in the region

    I wonder how many parents are/were teachers...

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    Mother: Doctor (General Practitioner)
    Father: Doctor (General Practitioner)

    Simple really. Tongue Out

    Angus Higgins

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    Father: Software Engineer
    Mother: Veterinary Technician

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    Mother: Dentist
    Father: Orthodontist

    Which should mean my upbringing was far more priviledged than it actually was.

    But it would appear my parents didn't find all their money until I left home... Not that I'm bitter or anything.

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    Mother: Sales rep for biotech company
    Father: Residential real-estate and parish administration

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    Dragging an Airstream camper/trailer around N. America, anywhere from Alaska to Nova Scotia.

    Realtors, both; semi-retired. 

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    Father: Senior Electrician at Europes largest water powerplant (whoop)
    Mother: Dentist Secretary soon-to-be dental nurse (she's going in as a secretary 1st to give her the edge Wink)

    If Blackberrys are addictive cellphones, Channel9 is the ultimate addictive website.
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    Father: Doctor (Surgeon)
    Mother: Doctor by training, teacher (and teachers' teacher) by choice.

    Children of doctors, I've noticed, tend to either go on to become doctors or be completely averse to the idea.

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    Yggdrasil wrote:
    Children of doctors, I've noticed, tend to either go on to become doctors or be completely averse to the idea.

    I concur. Tongue Out (I would not want to be a doctor).

    Angus Higgins

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    Mother: She was a single mother of 5. Worked two jobs, and still taught her boys how to be men. She's disabled now, yet still takes care of elderly in her area. Remarried, and living in Arizona.

    Father: Convicted-Felon. Met him a couple of times. Spent most of my life in prison, and is still doing time in Georgia for posession of narcotics, fire-arms and false-identification.

    Mother Teresa + A Hitman Drug-addict = Jonathan Sampson

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    Dr Herbie

    Mother : was housewife, now unemployed actress
    Father : his electromechanical design company went bust mid-1990s (due to the rise of CAD software) and has been unemployed since then.


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    Father: Retired USAF Colonel.
    Mother: Former housewife, current Office admin.

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    Father: Teacher
    Mother: Teacher

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    Mother: High school teacher (Math & Physics)
    Father: Accountant


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    My mom was a kindergarten teacher, now retired.
    My dad wrote books on IT, translated manuals and press materials for various IT companies like Amstrad, and wrote for magazines. Now retired.

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    Father : Firefighter Captain (ret)
    Mother : Insurance Salesperson / Rancher (semi retired)

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    littleguru wrote:
    I wonder how many parents are/were teachers...

    My mother's a physiotherapist who damaged her spine (how ironic) whilst helping a patient about 10 months ago, since on sickness leave and looking to rejoin the NHS

    Father's a chemical/process engineer, he designs sewage treatment plants. Anyone remember those refugee camps in Albania around 2001? They had toilets and massive temporary water treatment buildings, yeah... that was him (well, him and a handful of other people).

    But right now my mum's fixing up foodage in the kitchen for dinner tonight and my dad's replacing some of the inner-doors in this house.

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    mother: artist/painter.  Taught recreation at City of Toronto

    father: former President of Para Paints. - then - founder/owner Ideal Paints

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