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    Xaero_Vincent wrote:
    Beh... I think we all know Darth is a hypocrite by now.
    Darth might just use this moment to retire his screen name for good. His concept of Big Brother crossed with reworked speeches from the news crossed with Star Wars just isn't working too well anymore. Although he thought the one about rewriting textbooks (like they really do in certain countries) was darn witty.

    But hey, if people can't laugh at themselves once in a while, he thinks they are taking life way too seriously anyway.
    Xaero_Vincent wrote:
    Anyway, just for fun... servers is probably among the least interesting of things going on in the FOSS world these days.
    Darth tried open source once but found the tools to be very inadequate. Fighting with GTK libraries wasn't too fun either. Then he tried to install Anjuta and got stuck in dependency chaos with his trial Ubuntu installation...although he has not tried any of the latest builds. Coding large projects from g++ and emacs or vi was a pain, or so he found out. Praise be to Vista, he came running back, for better or for worse, to VS. Sad