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    Stebet wrote:
    Sourcecode wrote:
    I'm not as versed in Video as i'd like to be, and far from most folks but; H.264 seems to be the defacto standard going forward. HD DVD, Blue Ray et al (hence the choice).  Plus they added support for ACC audio. Not to mention multi-core hardware acceleration.

    So Premier and After Effects will output directly making the workflow seamless. Plus all the other goodies that this format provides that FLV does not (proper scrubbing, chapters, subtitles, list goes on.).

    As every media company is scrambling to grab a piece of the (put your content online) wave and have realized that experience matters, and given that silverlight does not support this standard (AFAIK)..

    Will it be painful to silverlight ? 

    I think it will be.

    Actually VC-1 is by far the preferred codec for HD DVD and many Blu-Ray titles as well.

    H.264 requires A LOT of cpu power for decoding if no hardware acceleration is available and i'm not sure Flash is able to leverage GPU hardware acceleration, which means that you propably won't be seeing all that many high-def H.264 flash videos for the time being. This is one of the BIG advantages VC-1 has. It's a lot easier on the CPU for decoding purposes as well as being seemingly better than H.264 for HD content at high bitrates (it's supposed to preserve film grain a lot better for example).

    Not according to the below info.

    Camcorder Info wrote:
    The reason H.264 is so highly sought after stems from its support of high quality video at a low bit rates, High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio support, and full screen playback. A derivative of the MPEG-4 format, H.264 is utilized by Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players, supporting high definition video and premium audio content.

    ReadWrite wrote:

    3) It means "hardware acceleration" for Web video.

    Randall also said that ...

    EDIT: I wonder what else Adobe will announce at the end of the month with regards to Flash 9. Apparently there are allot of things that are going to blow us away.

    Ted wrote:

    At Adobe MAX 2007 in Chicago we are going showing off the next full release of Flash Player code named "Astro". The features are mind numbing and add capabilities far beyond anything the market today. The future of Adobe Flash Player looks very bright indeed.

    In any case it’s going to be a really interesting 2008/2009 for us tech folks.Big Smile

    p.s. Stebet, Sorry about the miss quote...Had forgotten to change the user=""... 

    Edit 2 : W3bbo, sorry for the hijack… I'll stop there.