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    blowdart wrote:
    NuTcAsE wrote:
    YearOfTheLinuxDesktop wrote:
    Apple custs iphone price to 399$

    it's time to say goodbye to all other smartphones that as you may already know are all (together) being outsold by the iphone. imagine now that the iphone price (contract apart) became so low...

    at least we can be happy that all the apple zealots who bought one immediately paid it 200$ more

    I feel violated... ... I knew I should have waited...

    *snicker* A $200 fanboi tax

    I don't think I have ever been put into the Apple fanboy category since I've hated and resisted buying any apple products till the iPhone, and yet I can't come up with any reason to refute that statement. I definitely am a fan of at least one of Apple's products... the iPhone. (The iPhone being the one and only device from Apple I've ever owned)

    Just to be clear though, I don't regret getting the iPhone. In fact I still hold on the opinion that the iPhone is one the best phones I have ever owned. I have tried all sorts of smart phones, PDA's and even though the WinMo platform is really extensible I hated the experience and usability aspects of those devices.

    The only think I regret is trusting Apple not to do a price drop so soon and that too a $200 price drop. Its disgusting how Apple so smoothly decided to slash the prices on the iPhone without even an apology to all those early adopters that now feel like chumps. I guess I've learned my lesson to not be an early adopter to any of apple's stuf...

    I do have to give credit where credit's due though. The iPod-Touch just creamed the mp3 market. Its so sad that Zune never followed through on its promise. They had the WiFi there and if only they had delivered on the software side things would have been a lot different for Zune. I got my brother a Zune last year for his birthday and ever since was considering of getting one, all in the hopes that they'd come out with some firmware upgrade to make use of the WiFi functionality (don't even get me started on the stupid song sharing stuff... stupid is just the mildest word I can come up with).

    With all their talk on how they could do firmware updates and all added functionality would come from software, they never delivered. I used to try and sell Zune to a lot of my friends and colleagues as its UI was way better than the iPod, but now theres no arguing that the iPod-Touch has just buried Zune.

    Just sad with Microsoft's forte being software they could never deliver and Apple delivered... and a lot earlier...AGAIN!. I hope the Zune team has something up their sleeves to compete with the iPod-Touch or they might as well pack up... Game over.

    Robert McLaws has a really good article on how Zune can counter: Link, but if history is any measure it won't happen.