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ch: emotion barometer?

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    looking at the coffeehouse today it is so cool to see reactions to the apple announcements / odf stuff.. live stuff .. silverlinux stuff...

    good or bad... possitive or negative... funny or ...sad..

    the cool part is the reaction.  it's like the surge back when ms was going to buy gator (claria).. -do this - do that - save it like this - its too late..etc

    you can almost feel the emotion rising and falling on different announcements / threats / competition... thread by thread

    i think the data from this forum should definately be used somehow - if not for actual ideas then as a meter for ..customer...angnst?

    maybe add an emotion slider to replies box in V4 - to really gauge it


    edit: not sure how one would represent that..
    not thumbs up / down... not agree strong etc options..

    maybe a slider between 2 icons

    icon1 (?)  -----------•------------- icon2 (?)

    *deflated head  /  exploding head Wink

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    Big Smile:):O:|PerplexedSadEmbarassed[C]

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    DCMonkey wrote:

       :- l  

    perfect! Smiley  - but flipped + one non-emotive expression c9 guy in middle.. 

    Edit: then - instead of just using a ..smilie.. you could assign an emotion to your post/reply.. and it could be listed on side of of thread/ = tracked in DB - with others in a poll format: (above icons - only vertical with bar meter)


    edit: Thread Emotion Meter sounds bad... maybe.. 9ometer?

    *edit: would have 9 bars and 9 smilie options - and hopefully you could click all threads - sort by - 9ometer / new ..etc

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    ..just going on..ignore if you want..

    so... lets say you are in a Smart Emoticon application... (ha)

    you type - "im sorry to hear about your cat - i always liked fluffy Sad"

    that window is rendered ... somberly  (not sure exactly how)

    just the idea of the software - reacting to emotions ENTERED

    not sure who would ever search by "sad" ...  but you never know

    PS - yes im talking about all apps - not just a c9 feature now

    </bill hill scottish accent>

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    ha. this went over well Wink

    <bill hill scottish accent>

    ...what if it wasnt emotions - it was opinions..?

    *it is still hard to Search by: opinion?

    I still like the idea of somehow - being able to track / view the use of emoticons

    maybe it would work like:

    click new thread.

    type your title and post -

    at the bottom - it has the smiliy slider.  the thread creator clicks one.

    This would asign the thread a personality... (still BH voice now Wink)

    example: "BBQ Friday!" - might be tagged a smile/happy thread.  "Bombed again grrr" might be tagged frown/unhappy thread.

    After the thread recieves it's "personality" then when people reply , under the text box - beside "Post" there would be a slider:

    - (0) ----------l----------  + (10)

    So now the persona of the thread is ranked yes/no  agree/disagree.

    You could search channel9 by clicking those smilies in the editor window. 

    I just think its a waste when people are using "emoticons" to express emotion - but that they are not delivered in such a way that they can actually show results on their usage..

    maybe i should have called this thread DB Emoticons Smiley

    *edit.. actually above wouldnt work as it removes too much control from everyone else to use emoticons

    im not sure how it could work .. but people click these things and insert them - and they are never... tracked?  THere should be a standardized "windows way" they are presented and dealt with.

    its data...  d...a...t...a   ?

    edit:  i mean - if people are clicking pictures of happy,sad,laugh, .. all the things that make us stupid humans - and - if we are trying to make computers more human... should we not then be standardizing emotion (sorry opinions) through those actions?

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