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Expression Blend 2 Aug Preview - WTF?

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    Why aren't there any ways to close or hide the panes (Interaction, Project, Results window)?

    Toolkit? Um, <Button> isn't found in the namespace? WTF?

    No Pallet after clicking the Paint Bucket?

    Ah Window > Hide Panels....yes lets get away from the View menu why don't we *sigh*

    Docked all Panels, click right side and all I get is black panels....Now I find the coloring with the Paint Bucket is useless?

    Where are controls? WTF is Microsoft doing here? Someone please tell me I have a corrupted installation or something.


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    Am I to take it I'm the only one with this problem?

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    Sounds like your set-up's screwed. I'd check but at the moment I have an Orcas Beta 2 VPC that is totally screwed with regard to Silverlight (love the way it tells you that installation failed with no error code, just a link to a general trouble-shooting page that has nothing to do with SilverLight at all and an Add/Remove programs applet that tells you that it is impossible to uninstall Silverlight)

    I think this is the point where some smartarse comes along spouting something about this being a beta (or an alpha, or a CTP).

    All of a sudden I'm dreading the upcoming MIX07 - it will no doubt be full of Web 2.0 luvvies getting excited about flakey stuff as if it were live and out in the field suitable for deploying apps today, while in the meantime in the real world we're still waiting for the Microsoft developer tools to be upgraded to support technologies that went RTM a year ago (that'll be WPF then).

    Do I sound bitter yet? Wink (If so, blame it on 3 weeks of having to deal with Infragistics web controls crap). Is it really any wonder that Apple are getting all the positive "cool" headlines, and Microsoft the bad ones?

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    Cybermagellan wrote:

    I totally agree with this sentiment.

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    Honestly I was wondering if I was jaded because of Boxely OR if I was expecting too much from it. But considering you're having issues with Silverlight I think maybe that's my issue....

    I'm going to try to uninstall and reinstall.

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