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View Thread: Tackling ORM: Save my fingers!
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    irascian wrote:
    ?You say you're "in the process" but in the next sentence make it clear you've already made up your mind and that everyone else should follow?!

    What are the other products you're evaluating? What are their relative weaknesses and strengths? And why do you think EntitySpaces is the obvious front-runner?

    I tried dOOdas, EntitySpaces, SubSonic and LLBLGen.

    I read a lot about CLSA.Net; is great but too heavy. I prefer a van from a truck and CLSA.Net is a Kenworth.

    dOOdas is very simple and lacks features but it has zero learning curve.

    SubSonic has a lot of features but the documentation is minimal (open source?). I had some problems running the trial with a database in AppData so I moved on.

    I like EntitySpaces because it has plenty of features but small learning curve. I love their scaffolding. Great documentation and forums. Good in both ASP.Net and win forms.

    Although I played with EntitySpaces in code I'm reading the LLBLGen documentation right now.It looks good so far but has a higher learning curve than EntitySpaces and is more complex.
    I like their built-in validation.

    I made my decision of using EntitySpaces in a small Win forms app but I may consider trying LLBLGen for an e-commerse site I'm building.