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2 web/IE questions

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    1) I've got a simple web app that lets the client edit some data files stored as XML on their site.  Most files are small and I simply transform them to forms.  But one file (newsletter addresses) is pretty big and slows down the browser when converted to a form.  So I'd prefer to just allow the user to 'open' the file in Excel (or another spreadsheet) make their changes and then post them back to the site. 

    I've got this working via the clipboard.  The user clicks a button and their clipboard is loaded with the data file as tab delimited text which they then paste into Excel.  To save it, they just copy the data in Excel and click another button on the page.  Not elegant but it works.  The client likes Excel because they plan on doing other stuff to/with the email address data, but I'd like a better way to handle the exchange of data.  I don't want to use any ActiveX or other 3rd party (pay) controls.  Any ideas?

    2) Since I do a lot of web work, I turn script debugging on in IE.  But that makes it annoying as heck to use the same PC for general browsing.  Does anyone know of an add-on that would allow me easily toggle script debugging on/off for a site without resorting to Internet Options in IE7?  While we're on the toggling topic, do you know of any site-based flash enable/disablers?


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    There are add-ons for Firefox that will do the script debugging.  If you need the IE rendering engine you can also download IE Tab for Firefox as well.

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    See the post at for useful IE development tools.

    Unfortunately I don't know of a way to do per instance debugging in IE. It's an issue that I know the team are aware of though.


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