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In Need of "Office 2003 SBE VLK" ISO

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    Tal Aloni

    We Have 2 Microsoft Licences:

    1. MSDN Pro

    2. Open License for Office 2007 (We verified that Office 2003 can be installed as well)

    Our organization does not want to upgrade to office 2007 at this time, and as we promised, we got Office 2003 Volume License Key for Office 2003 through the eOpen web site.

    unfortunately, Only Office 2007 Media is available there.


    we spoke with an eOpen representative, but they do not have this media available on the eOpen Web Site, and they can ONLY MAIL the media, and it should take well over a week, but we were told there that this media is available through MSDN.

    we spoke with MSDN representative, who refused to help, because we have no subscription to office through msdn.

    (only through eOpen)


    my managers are getting on my nerves with those workstations which can't be rolled out,

    I Ask for your help, good people and dear MSDN subscribers, to assist me in getting this ISO ASAP,

    we have fast dedicated FTP Servers in the U.S. and uploading this file should be a breeze,


    and if you would be kind enough to help me, My day will be so much better and quieter,

    please contact by e-mail if you can help.


    Thanks A LOT,

    Tal Aloni

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    MSDN Premium Subscriptions (NOT Professional or OS Only) include a license to use Office (in a production environment, not just for development and test), so you don't need to buy Office licences for those people with MSDN Premium Subscriptions.

    If you had an MSDN Premium Subscription, Office 2003 would be available through MSDN Subscriber Downloads.

    Whether the MSDN version of Office 2003 would work with your Open Licence Key is another matter. It might not.

    Simon Jones
    Contributing Editor
    PC Pro Magazine

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    Tal Aloni

    Thank you for your help, Simon,
    unfortunately, we do not know anyone with MSDN Premium Account.

    I assume that:
    1. Office 2003 SBE VLK is available through MSDN Premium.
    2. there aren't two VLK Editions, which means that our key could be used with the MSDN Media.

    Dear MSDN Premium subscribers, If you could confirm (1),
    or better yet, help me obtain this ISO, it would be much of a help.

    on a side note, all 3 local MS distributers DOES NOT hold office 2003 VLK media anymore (only 2007), so the media will be physically delivered much later than I expected.

    Please help me shorten the waiting time.

    Thanks a lot,
    Tal Aloni

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    Personal MSDN subscribers do not get VLK media; that's only for those subscribing on a multi-user licenses, so that media would belong to their company which makes distributing it even more dubious.

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