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    W3bbo wrote:
    No, I have valuable things to do with my time. When I'm seeking attention it's through intelligent, academic things, not spam

    I don't actually do many valuable things with my time, but I am glad to find that I have never heard of this website.

    It doesn't annoy me that there are a large number of these inane websites dedicated to an extremely annoying concept (that concept being extremely informal communication); it merely makes me wonder why people are so obsessed (it seems) with this form of communication.

    What is the compulsion to communicate with others? I can understand that people have a need to gain information from other people (hence my use of several forums), but the type of discussion I witness upon these abominations of the Internet (if I may be so bold) consists of poorly written text which has no apparent point (other than to answer stupid questions which need not have been asked).

    Tongue Out

    Angus Higgins