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What were you doing?

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    I saw that Raymond started a 9/11 thread that was already getting on everybody's nerves, but I don't want to talk about politics in this one. I'm just curious, what were you doing when you heard the news?

    I was in my College Grammar class. Writing a paper and debating whether "felled" was a word when a girl walked in and said, "A plane has hit the trade center." I went home, and watched the news in horror the rest of the day, and probably for two weeks to follow I was glued to the TV.

    What were you doing?

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    My father in-law had just died of cancer, and we were at home planning the funeral when the news hit us up in Iceland.

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    i got a call from tory at work to tun on cnn (just after first plane..)  sat there watching ... then the second... then the pentagon... then the crash near white house.. then first tower../2nd tower...

    i sat there all day... you just couldnt leave

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    I was an intern at some company, and one of my first typical intern tasks was going to IKEA to get a new desk. I heard about "a sports plane" having hit one of the towers, which was on fire, on the car radio. On the radio in the store I heard about the second plane, and shared some baffled looks with some employees. When I got back, everybody was on the completely defunct internet trying to download the first pictures at 0.00001kb/s. I distinctly remember someone on the radio saying "there's another plane still on it's way to, presumably, the capitol."

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    Dr Herbie

    I was at home, sick with a migraine.  I was dozing on the bed with the radio on in the background when the report came in that a plane had hit the towers.
    I assumed they meant a light aircraft, that some amateur pilot had crashed after getting too close.
    Then the announced that a second plane had hit the towers -- I assumed again that it was a light aircraft with an amateur pilot.

    I guess it was just beyond my imagination that anyone would be insane enough to fly a passenger jet on a suicide mission.

    Eventually, more details came over the radio and the estimated death tolls emerged -- I realised that this was more that I had imagined and got up to watch the news on the BBC.
    I almost forgot the migraine as I watched, I was so stunned and horrified.


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    I was sitting in a Unix class and after a bit of boredom loaded up Slashdot to see the news. After class I went back to the common area of my dorm and spent the rest of the day in front of the tv (missing a couple of classes).

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    I was in a meeting with OIL & OCIL

    The jerkovasaurs  at OIL and OCIL had learned about the attacks as they happened, but they neglected to inform any of us until about noon time..

    I can still remember their words when they finally interrupted the meeting to tell us the news, "We must take this time to inform our American friends that there has been an attack on the WTC, and they might want to attempt to contact their families."

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    I was at work in the UK. Someone at work  -who I don't exactly get on with because of his extremist views - came charging down the corridor shouting "Look what those ****** have done now!!!". At first I just ignored it thinking he was going off on another right-wing rant.  Then I looked at the BBC site and sat there in horror.

    Gasping for a fag I went outside for some nicotine only to find most of my colleagues in the rest rooms crowded around the tv's.

    That really was a horrible day but I think we will all remember where we were when we heard the news.

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    I was working in Asuncion, Paraguay installing a firewall at a bank. When we took 10 mins for lunch we saw the crash on the news... we didn't realize how big it was until we got home.

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    I was in Latin class, in my freshman year of high school.

    It was particuarly scary:  my high school was right in the middle of the Louisville International traffic pattern that day.  As they cleared the air that day, you could hear every airplane roar by when they came in to land.

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    I was spending the summer holidays doing very little housesitting for my landlord. (A curious situation, but essentially it was our student house, but he couldn't rent it during the summer... But he got a discount on the insurance if it was occupied.)

    I'd just woken up and turned on the bad TV, woke my girlfriend up, and then spent the day switching between Sky News, and BBC. (To compare their inaccuracies, BBC tend to be hopeless on details.)

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    Well I was.. 7. I came home from school, not quite knowing why my dad was driving so quickly.. Apparently to egt back to the TV. Then I watched the news for about an hour.. The first time I watched the news.. ever Tongue Out Kinda got my hooked though, I love knowing whats happening all around the world now Big Smile

    I think it's a horrible thing to have happened... Then today, we had a minute of silence in the assembly - I work the lights/microphones behind the scenes - and the headmaster was breathing like a horse that'd just run a mile. I had to mute the microphones it was so loud Expressionless

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    I was in the car on the way to school.

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    I was at work. I wandered back into the office and a colleague said that a plane had just hit the World Trade Center. I had visions of a Cessna or something similar and it was only when I sat down and went to the BBC news site that the full horror was revealed. Only a few minutes later, the second plane struck and nobody quite knew how to react.

    I don't remember anyone doing any work that day, it was just a long drawn out nightmare of feeling utterly, utterly helpless as events unfolded, whilst waiting and hoping for news of friends and relatives who may have been there.

    It's not a day I'd ever want to live through again and one that I will never forget.

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    I was getting ready for work and turned on the TV to see a hole in the trade center that that looked like a  plane and then said to myself, what movie is this? Hoiwever after changing the channel I realized it was not a movie. I then spent the day at my firehouse (volunteer) watching the events unfold. We thought that we would be going in to the city to help out (as our firehouse is only 25 minutes from the city).

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    I was in my dorm room, getting ready for class.  I didn't know it at the time, but my mother was actually inside the US Capitol building.

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    I was at work in the UK, I got a phone call (from my Mum as it happens) saying that the WTC had been hit according to the BBC newsflash she'd just seen.  I guess the fact that the BBC broke into an exisiting programme made it stand out, I think she'd only called me at work maybe once or twice before.

    I hit the net, as one does and already the BBC, MSNBC, ABCNews, CNN (I'm sure I tried a bunch more sites) were crawling along; little more than leaking the occasional packet - at that time myself and the rest of the IT department were the first to know, so the company net feed was still ok.

    Flash forward a few minutes, and the rest of the company knew.  Back then they only had a 2mb line, and it was borked with everyone hitting the web.  It only lasted for a few minutes, I was just about to make some changes to our firewall to drop the web traffic when it evaporated.  I was surprised by this until I wandered around the building to find everyone clustered around a couple of TV's watching the events unfold. 

    As it happened the company was also sold on that day, but as you can imagine none of us really paid any attention to that news.

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    I was getting home from PT (Physical Training) and my wife was just staring at the TV from across the room, I walked down the hall and told her I loved her I was going to shower and get dressed, she didn't answer. I said "Fine, just ignore me then" and she said "Shawn, someone hit the World Trade Center buildings with a plane" and I told her "Get outa here no one cou..." and then I seen them replay it on the TV.

    I just sighed and told her "Pack my duffles I'm going to be leaving"....wierd enough my phone rang and it was my 1SG at my unit (I worked for her as the ADP NCO)...."Have you seen the news?", "I'm catching it right now 1SG", "OK, pack your bags we're going to be leaving"

    That weekend they flew someone from Cisco in to train us on the PIX 500, the next weekend me and two servers encased in bulletproof cases were sitting in Kandahar Afghanistan.

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