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    Well I remember it well. I was working on the planning team for the security for the UK Labour Party (the government) Conference in Brighton.  

    This was being attended by all the Government as well as visiting politicians. Ever since an unfortunate incident with Maggie this has always had a lot of security.

    I was standing outside our offices adjacent to the conference centre and hotel when one of the search teams that had been doing searches in the conference centre came in and said a plane had just crashed in New York. Thinking it was a light aircraft accident we carried on working until almost every scrambled egg (Senior Officer) flooded in.

    We then worked 52 Hrs almost non stop turning a medium to low threat conference into a high threat one. In the process trying to keep the brass from overreacting.

    We did manage to point out that a Destroyer off the coast was not applicable to the threat being posed and that a 24 hr Combat Air Patrol in the same place as one of the major flight paths into the UK might not be much help!

    Still I do have one fond memory, we were staying in a hotel in Brighton along with a number of Army personnel who were helping with some of their specialist skills they had learnt over the water in Northern Ireland. These were stereotype squaddies with short cropped hair and muscles. One night they decided to try the night life in Brighton. What they didn’t know was that Brighton has a VERY active gay scene and they walked into one of the biggest gay bar in Brighton. They were back in the hotel in 10 mins!  It must have been the “Blue Oyster Bar” scene for real!