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    I was wondering about this feature as well. Could the syntax look something like this:

    public static class Extensions {
        public static object Cell{
            get(this DataTable t, int row, int column) 
                { return t.Rows[row][column]; }
            set(this DataTable t, int row, int column) 
                { t.Rows[row][column] = value; }

    // usage
    dataTable.Cell[0, 2] = "Hello World";

    The usage would be the same, but the compiler would just have to translate this new syntax and it differs from indexing syntax.

    public static TimeSpan Minutes
       get(this int i) 
        { return new TimeSpan(0, i, 0); }

    public static DateTime Ago
       get(this TimeSpan ts) 
        { return DateTime.Now.Subtract(ts); }

    They still look like properties.