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    harumscarum wrote:
    I had a Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit this morning and it was awesome. I am so glad a Chick-Fil-A opened up down the street from work.

    In my 8.5 hours on college  I had all of 1 hour of classes, the rest were:

    08:30: Experimented with some different RDP ports, but it looks like the college IT guys have decided to perform deep-packet inspection and block all ouitbound RDP, regardless of the port it's on (evil!), fortunately I can still access my OWA. It means I'm going to have to write an ASP.NET app to remotely shut down Azureus rather than the desktop app I wrote a while ago
    09:00: Went looking for my physics teacher to explain the non-certification thingie
    09:01: He was AWOL, as usual
    09:02: Went back to the library, did some FP2 exercises (which I'm not meant to start until January 2008)
    10:00: Begin the first physics lesson of the new year, a single hour
    11:00: Went back to the library, typed up my notes, and downloaded the homework piece. Wrote an email to the teachers telling them not to save homework documents in *.docx format... then went for lunch
    12:00-13:30: Played some Red Alert 2 on my laptop in the library
    13:30-14:00: Played some Treasure Mountain (the most repetitive game... ever)
    14:00: Stuff
    17:00: Got on bus