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    dahat wrote:
    SecretSoftware wrote:

    Russian army 'tests the father of all bombs'

    This is 4x more powerfull than the American MOAB (Mother of All Bombs).

    I think its good to see some sort of power balance.

    Looks like the Russian Bear is back.

    Good idea SecretSoftware, why let your rampant anti-Americanism get in the way of things like say... reality? Or don't you realize the fact is that the FOAB is utterly worthless in the grand scheme of things and does not affect the balance of power in the slightest.

    Why? The Russians do not have an effective delivery mechanism for it.

    The MOAB weighs in at ~9.5 tons... well beyond the carrying capacity of any kind of current missile system, so you need a conventional aircraft to drop it. Unfortunately due to the shear size and mechanics of such a weapon you can't just drop one from a run of the mill bomber, instead you need something more like a C-130, a largely undefended cargo aircraft with a top speed that doesn't even hit 400 mph.

    Translation... a sitting duck.

    Let's say that the FOAB is a remarkable piece of engineering and despite having a yield 4x the MOAB, weighs exactly the same... the Russians do not have any kind of strategic bombers that could carry such a load, let alone do so quickly or stealthily which means that they too would be limited to using defenseless slow moving cargo aircraft.

    Now the question... who could better attack and/or defend such a slow moving target... if you honestly think the answer is the Russians then you haven't kept up with their air force or ours.

    But like I said... why let reality get in the way of your anti-Americanism?

    In terms of military threats from foreign nations... wake me when another country has developed the kind of precision guided weapons that the US has AND has developed aircraft capable of delivering them without being detected.

    According to a national geographic video of the MOAB, it has to be carried in a B-52 bomber, because it weighs approx. 22 tons.

    Now if Russia does not have this delivery mechanism, how was this test conducted? I mean it is delivered in the same way that MOAB is delivered, namely para-shoot it from a B-52 bomber, only the Russians have their own version of B-52 bombers.

    The Russians don't spend money on useless technology, especially in the military sector.

    Secondly, I am not anti-American. I am anti-bush. That is a big difference. I like the American people, I just don't like the administration nor the foreign policy.

    You need to change your perception of me, to a person who likes America, and not Bush's America.

    God Bless the USA (but not Bush).[A]