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  • Kevin BoyleKevinB

    drhowarddrfine wrote:
    It's not just one guy, he links to another.  And, Channel9 has another thread here about this same blog.  You can question whether he really does this work but you have no reason to believe he doesn't.

    Well, forgive my cynicism, but I have found to pretty much disregard most blogs/experts about any subject on the internet until they are able to prove they are actually knowledgable. Especially if that person chooses to remain anonymous and offers up no proof that he may be an insider

    drhowarddrfine wrote:
    You can't dismiss him because you disagree either.  If he really is an employee,  and I found the link from another blog, then that's pretty weighty material you are choosing to ignore.

    I'm not dismissing his POV, he is entitled to his opinion, I just disagree with it...

  • ElucidWebElucidWeb

    The sheer fact that he had to look up where the registry APIs were located (advapi32.dll).  I would say he definitely is a fake, I knew this when I was in highschool working with Visual Basic 4.  Seriously are you kidding me, in fact Visual Studio came with a tool, the name escaping me at the moment that would let you browse commonly used API methods by library name and advapi32.dll was one of them, if he is a Microsoft employee he is a complete moron and should be terminated!

    In fact I would even wonder if he knows who Dan Appleman even is, or if he even owns the book "A guide to Win32 API" every programmer that has ever messed with the Win32 API owns that book it is like a bible, and not even for VB programming but for Win32 programming in general...  Hell I was strictly against MFC when I was doing VC++ programming and this book was almost constantly open and I can't comprehend how a Windows developer would not know this by heart!

    Man crap like this really irritates me, I hate stupid programmers but I hate fakers even worse!!

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