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View Thread: Silverlight, Expression and Photoshop files (the missing link)
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    Hi folks, seems to me that (as least so far)
    Microsoft has left a big an very important gap open that will slow down SIlverlight adpotion.

    Most Graphic / design types use Flash and Photoshop.

    Blend and design have no real photoshop import I can find aside from a limited "Make a bitmap" thing.

    some folks are working on some flash to xaml conversion tools and that's good.

    but what about a .psd to Design conversion?
    what about a .psd to blend import / conversion ?

    not as a big bitmap!

    if a designer made a .psd to use in creating a flash animated app
    we need a tool to get the layers and objects from the .psd to make a Silverlight app....

    that could get a lot of the design bits into native xaml / vector format so they would look good and edit good in blend.

    if the .net dev does not have a good import story then he will be left at a disadvantage in getting adoption of silverlight.

    if the Flash / Photoshop guys can just say "we can do this in flash right now and it will work"
    and the .net guy has to try and cut and paste stuff and figure out how to make the same effects as the .psd file he will be slower and seen as "not as good" by the folks who pay for stuff.

    so IMHO  MSFT or a third party should be filling that gap.

    the flash to xaml tools I have seen so far are not able to do a complete job of capturing the visual look of many flash apps.
    also they use the flash runtime file and not the source ....
    I think they will help but  I am not sure long term if that's a good idea.

    if Design and Blend could just pull the psd in and let folks go from there then the designers would start to wonder what's up with the decline is requests for flash and what the new tools are that the .net guys are using, then they might start buying the expression tools....

    IMHO that is...