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View Thread: Silverlight, Expression and Photoshop files (the missing link)
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    PaoloM wrote:
    figuerres wrote:
    cornelius wrote:
    is .psd an another proprietary adobe format?

    remember the crying adobe did when microsoft tried adding .pdf support into office (why oh why didnt go ahead and do it  anyways)

    other tools read and write the format.

    Other tools read and write PDF too. And yet, Adobe felt necessary to throw a fit when Microsoft planned to do it...

    well I could mention the addon that alows office to write pdf files that I can download from the msft web site but that's not staying on topic.

    my OP and the topic is that there is a need for a tool or option.

    if MSFT can not for some reason fill that then I am all for a 3rd party ISV app to do that ... seems like there should be a fair market for it *if* silverlight and expresssion are going to take off....

    and I am hoping that you and other folks will read this and start talking to folks about this issue.

    *IF* i had the right level of knowlege and the time and the $$$ I would build the tool ... but it's way out of my area of skills; So I am tossing it out to the C9 folks and any interested developers / ISV's and MSFT folks to see what they can come up with.

    and it's intersting the number of folks from the "Adboe and flash" camp who have gotten so upset about silverlight....
    makes me think that MSFT is on to something here if the tools and support keep up and we get to a classic MSFT V3 of SIlverlight and Expression Smiley

    I have seen some really vitrolic posts and blogs from both camps Smiley