apwcodemonkey wrote:

has to be the Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin DBS

Agreed. That is a beautiful car. Not a bunch of right angles, obnoxious wings, roof mounted scoops, or exposed parts like an unfinished loft.

I've been wanting an Aston Martin for a while. What I don't want is the kind of work it would take to get one.

I'll ride the bus before I give my life to a career.

I have a backup plan, though - I have an extensive portfolio of lotto tickets. I buy them from all across the country - diversification is key in this game.

Still waiting for my ship to come in, but when it does, my Aston Martin will roll out of the hold, into my arms, and then pin me against a shipping crate where I'll be able to enjoy its beauty as I slowly die on its hood.