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    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    sgomez wrote:
    You already know the "big" secret so what's the point in pretending.
    I say 123456

    But the kids don't...  why would you want to spoil the magic for them

    I agree. It's a lot of heavy lifting for you to spoil the magic when, thanks to Lucas, the magic will spoil itself.

    I'm with the suggestions on the original 456.

    Han shot first. We all know it.

    The Jabba scene is pointless, and Boba Fett's stupid exit where he looks directly into the camera as if to say "I am BOBA FETT and I am... BOBA FETT, and you should like me because I am... BOBA FETT!" was... Boba STUPID.

    Then, 5 was all kinds of screwed up. I dug the extended wampa scene, and I thought the cloud car CGI effects were nifty, but the old line Darth Vader had was "Bring my shuttle," which was modifed in such a way that it was the wrong voice and a weak line. And when his shuttle lands at its destination, it's just the first scene from 6. WTF?

    6, which was screwy to begin with, was utterly destroyed, The sand monster thing (I don't know how to spell it) was awesome, but the new band in Jabba's palace? There isn't enough WTF to go around for that.

    There were cool effects in the new versions, but they were too few to justify the idiocy and gratuitous nature in which the larger scenes were modified.


    123 weren't even Star Wars movies. They were brochures for financial institutions. It was all about stupid sounding business and politics.

    Plus, at the beginning of 2, we hear about how the queen became a queen by being voted queen. You vote a queen in for homecoming (stupid thing in the states for those of you who are foreign) - but in real life, lineage and marriage aren't subject to democracy.

    Yes. 456. Without question.