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Google's ASP.NET Presentation Editor

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    Everyone knew this was coming but its out now:

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    Nifty. Was able to import a ppt file perfectly and the email option works too.

    Don't see using this for work though because companies do not want their info on the interwebs.

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    No animation / multimedia support (seeing how its google "beta", might as well add "yet")

    Seems like a good thing for someone wanting to use the AJAX OS and everyone on the cloud. Unless they provide an option to spit out a pptx file (its not that difficult, people already do this with the OOXML project), or other formats in and out, not sure how useful this might be.

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    Are you saying Google Presentations was written in ASP.NET?

    I believe Writely also started out as being written in ASP.NET. Then Google acquired it and it became Google Docs. Can anyone confirm that it's since been rewritten in another language? I wonder if that is what Google will do with Presentations as well.


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