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View Thread: IE7 freezing while seeing youtube comments
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    bruno1 wrote:
    I am using Vista ultimate with IE7, on my dell inspiron 1520, which has 2 ghz dual core cpu, 2GB Ram, and nvidia 8600M vga card.
    if i try to view the all comments for a youtube video, i get my IE freezed, and everything looks stop working, i am not sure but isn't browsing the web supposed to be not a hard task for a system to maintain ?
    Try this link in IE7 for test :

    I hope someone could help me with this problem

    try first to update flash (even if you think you have the last version go on the adobe website and update it anyway because Adobe releases new flash builds every month)

    if that doesn't work try disabling all the plugins and re-enabling them one by one until you find out the one that screws IE up.