I don't think the problem is in my VGA card or its drivers, nor it is in the flash player (i am viewing the comments, not the video)
The problem is when i try to open a page with lot comments, like 400+, i got a freezing IE UI(all IE UI, the menus, the scroolbars...) on the current tab, so if i managed to change the tab, everything will be fine, but once i returned to the freezed page on the old tab, i got the UI slugish again, i noticed also that the free scrolling, when i click the mouse wheel, i can scroll without any problem on the freezed page.
Before, i tried to disable plugins, third party extensions, work without adons... but nothing worked.
today, i noticed that i had a boost in performance in vista in general, also in IE, maybe it was some update from microsoft. Smiley