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View Thread: What is happening with XNA?
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    raymond wrote:

    Please do an update of your earlier videos on XNA.


    I wrote to the team recently, but they didn't think it was the right time to do anything on XNA for 9.

    They wanted to have a product to announce. I told them that the niners would just like to see an interview with them, and that the product, anticipated though it may be, isn't going to be the reason niners will tune in.

    Niners like seeing new products (provided the interview is good), but as you guys know, it's unnecessary for a good video.

    So, if you guys want to see something, I highly suggest you start another thread and get niners to show their support for another video.

    The team might not listen to me, but I'm only one guy.

    Raymond - if you create a thread in here (and in a relevant C9 tech forum) in which you try to rally the troops, then I'll take it to the XNA team and try to use it to buy us an interview.

    Sound good? Smiley