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    ScanIAm wrote:
    Rory wrote:
    dahat wrote:
    Maybe he's just a big fan of same sex kissing in virtually every episode?

    I definitely am.

    It isn't well done - tends to be gratuitous - but I'd rather have it than not.

    I don't know about the rest of limey television, but as far as I can tell, homosexuals and bisexuals don't get any representation on American TV.

    I'm not sure if that's true.  They just don't get much in primetime on public airwaves ("Won't somebody think about the children?").  I do seem to recall that the female cylons did a lot of 'close talking', 'face stroking', and 'meaningful looks' in a few of the earlier BSG epis. 

    Of course, over here, "hot chix kissin'" is about the only acceptable alternative lifestyle.

    Yeah - I saw that stuff, but it's pretty tame. Especially since I grew up with awesome magazines in which women tangled with women regularly.

    For TV, it seems different. The way Torchwood seems different is in the casual way sexuality is treated - except for a couple exceptions, the characters are experimental. Not always with good results, but I've certainly known my share of women who gave it a try. Some liked it; some just felt weird. Either way, the portrayal in Torchwood of those fuzzy boundaries, although, as I previously said, often gratuitous, was still reflective of the real world.

    Then there's Captain Jack. That's the huge departure from regular old television. I'm thinking specifically of the episode in which he gets sent back to the war where he meets his namesake, quickly becomes intimate, and then engages in the single longest homosexual male kiss that I know of on regular old TV.

    It was poorly done, and with too much self-awareness. The kiss lasted far longer than it should have, and there was a background of light that haloed the two. I thought it was great that they put it in there, but the we're-showing-a-couple-gay-guys-and-we're-going-to-shock-you-with-it presentation was lame. They should have just done the scene without all the pomp - if the goal is to get people used to the idea that homosexuals aren't just a faceless demographic, then getting that kiss out as normally as possible would have been the most effective means to that end. All the extra trimming only served to keep them isolated as a group.

    So, I see what you mean about BSG, but the execution is far more explicit with Torchwood, and it spans every gender I can think of, including aliens Smiley