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    Rory wrote:
    Tensor wrote:
    PaoloM wrote:
    Sampy wrote:
    Dr Who is better anyway.

    Torchwood is the cool thing now

    Tell me you dont really believe that. My god. An exercise in bad acting and poor writing. I mean, they have to make sure you kind of know its like, an "adult" version of doctor who by swearing and then looking meaningfully at the camera. And then a woman snogs some other woman. Wow. Edgy.

    Except for the cyberwoman and sexalien episodes, I loved season one of Torchwood.

    It's not Dr. Who, but it held me over a bit.

    When Captain Jack was on Dr Who, it took a lot of getting used to - I feel like he was cast because he has such a ridiculously deliberate manner of articulation that all the limeys could easily understand him. If that's not the case, then I don't know how they chose *him*.

    But I like him now. He's improved a lot.

    And so I declare Torchwood nifty.

    Oooo looky a big scary demon! and its killing everyone! but whats this? Captain jack! He's got too much livin to give! Whats that you say? Deus ex Machina?

    I'm going to vomit just thinking about it.