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    Tensor wrote:
    PaoloM wrote:
    Sampy wrote:
    Dr Who is better anyway.

    Torchwood is the cool thing now

    Tell me you dont really believe that. My god. An exercise in bad acting and poor writing. I mean, they have to make sure you kind of know its like, an "adult" version of doctor who by swearing and then looking meaningfully at the camera. And then a woman snogs some other woman. Wow. Edgy.

    Except for the cyberwoman and sexalien episodes, I loved season one of Torchwood.

    It's not Dr. Who, but it held me over a bit.

    When Captain Jack was on Dr Who, it took a lot of getting used to - I feel like he was cast because he has such a ridiculously deliberate manner of articulation that all the limeys could easily understand him. If that's not the case, then I don't know how they chose *him*.

    But I like him now. He's improved a lot.

    And so I declare Torchwood nifty.