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View Thread: Unbundle Windows from PCs urges EU think tank
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    It's not likely to work, as they'd have to ship PCs with install disks for the OS anyway. So unless they ship the PCs with "insert this to install windows" and "insert this to install linux" disks, they're just going to watch PC sales plummet. And if OEMs just ship with the windows disks you can see that anyone who thinks unbundling is a good idea isn't going to be satisfied.

    People want their PCs to be more like an appliance, not less, and legislating to introduce an enormous speed bump in the setup process is going to make a lot of people very unhappy.

    Plus it's just plain confusing. No consumer in their right mind would want to have to choose between OSs as well as just having to fight through the marketing jargon to decide which PC to buy. I get annoyed enough with adverts with smug shop assistants going "it's got an intel core 2 duo process, and a widescreen monitor, so it's perfect for your daughter's college work!" and vacant, bovine consumers going "oohh.. sounds great, I'll have two, and for only 3 9 9." (Also, what the hell happened to the word "hundred" and other words like "ninety, eighty etc...")

    Now we'll have vacant, bovine consumers going "and it comes with an install CD, sounds perfect! I'll get my cat one too... Oh, and also I need a 500 Gig external hard disk for no reason that any sane consumer would ever think up."

    But I'm overreacting, "think tank" means "bunch of opinionated tossers in a room." and doesn't reflect the opinion of anyone at all. So we can all calm down, and go about the business of ignoring them.