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View Thread: Unbundle Windows from PCs urges EU think tank
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    ScanIAm wrote:
    That way, the *nix crowd will STFU about the 'Windows Tax'.  They are going to be a bit disappointed, however, when they see how little of the price is going towards Bill Gate's stash of monacles, tophats, and cigars.

    We've already seen that with the Ubuntu loaded Dell machines.

    As nifty as an idea as this is for leaving the door open to consumer choice... it's not very well thought out as it ignores the big box retailer where plenty of people go to buy a box that works... right out of the box.

    While I've never purchased such a PC, I've helped countless others do so and not one of them would have liked the idea of having to wait even an hour to have their PC setup with the OS of their choice because they would ask "What's an OS?"