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View Thread: Unbundle Windows from PCs urges EU think tank
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    Ray6 wrote:

    When you think about, cars haven't really progressed in the last ten years or so. I mean, most of them still need petrol, right?

    So the Rayz Institute, a globally unheard-of think tank based in S(I need to watch my language)horpe, has come up with a recommendationIn order to give the consumer the largest possible range of choices, we urge that engines, should be unbundled from cars.

    The problem isn't the bundling. The problem is that Apple isn't interested, and the FOSS crowd think marketing means signing onto MS forums under different ids, and posting messages saying how crap Vista is.

    When the FOSS learns to give people what they want, rather than what they want them to want, then we will see real competition.

    And what the hell is a 'think tank' anyway?


    ... oh I see what happened there ...

    I think you're swearbox is a little bit overzealous wouldn't you say?