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View Thread: Unbundle Windows from PCs urges EU think tank
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    evildictaitor wrote:
    Perhaps it would be nice if you could phone up a computer store and explicitly demand an OS-free computer for $150 off the retail price,

    Utter bollocks. The cost saving of getting dell to remove the OEM copy of XP Pro from the machines we buy is about £20.

    The only thing I would ask for is that you have the option to buy whatever hardware you want without an OS, and this includes Apple.  The OEM can supply whatever they want, just windows or OSX or whatever they like provide you have the option of none.

    The people that are expecting this to save them the cost of a retail copy of XP are in for a shock though.

    But then again the volume license SA versions of XP and Vista are UPGRADE only, thus forcing me to buy a PC with an OS indirectly, and letting the OEM put XP on it is about the cheapest way.