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Unbundle Windows from PCs urges EU think tank

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    Xaero_Vincent wrote:

    As for Apple... Apple has never been known to support consumer choice. They would love to lock people onto their hardware. Apple doesn't want people to know that their systems are merely PCs when OSX is removed... so they are unlikily to support such such a cause.

    What about bootcamp?

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    ManipUni wrote:
    ... And put what on it? ...

    There are only two "consumer ready" Operating Systems currently on the market - Windows, and OS X. And I think it is pretty clear that Apple has no desire to allow their OS to be installed on all x86 64 hardware.

    Oh and please don't give me junk about Ubuntu ... Those guys are so busy making sure their 3D cube windows can spin in every which direction, they forgot to address usability.

    Couldn't agree more on Ubuntu.

    On the matter of bundling, I'm guessing separation wouldn't have much effect - people would still buy Windows. However it is a pro-competition move that just might impact pricing when people start making conscious decisions about what to get installed. Worse things could happen, from my perspective.

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    Ray6 wrote:


    ... oh I see what happened there ...

    I think you're swearbox is a little bit overzealous wouldn't you say?

    I'm going to form an American Think Tank and urge C9 to allow natural spelling of the word S-C-U-N-T-H-O-R-P-E.

    Damn. is already squatted on.




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