DMassy wrote:
It is sad. I don't know how else to say it.  I only hope the management of the IE tema will wake up and start to engage with customers. That doesn't mean going Open Source. It does mean having an ongoing conversation. A conersation that has ceased since IE7 was released nearly a year ago.


well I have to say that I see some common signs of what I think are the same illness all over MSFT.

in general:

too many different directions.

too many different projects.

too many captains.

no real clear "General" , no single clear "long term plan"

plenty of good ideas, good projects ....

but like a large band / orchestra with out a conductor you tend to get noise not music.

I hope I am wrong and that MSFT gets it together ...

look at some of the posts here about the C9 Team and C9 V 4

other projects, trying to make some super software for 4-5 sites.
two ways to fix that:

a)  focus on one site and get it done.
b) expand the team.

I would pick "A"  but that's me.