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    There's no excuse for this. I doubt a visit from Rory would crack them infront of the developer-community. I appreciate Dave's honesty, and it's people like him that earn the respect of the community; not the teams themselves.

    IE is just frustrating. Very few developers enjoy their jobs because of its unwillingness to comply with suggested standards. It's developer-base is small. It's not easy to develop addon's for (Just ask Sven with his find-as-you-type).

    This is just ridiculous. Microsoft has the biggest purse, and yet the weakest product sometimes. All they have to do to get me, and maybe  acouple of you too, interested again is to make the crap extendable with .NET code, and START LISTENING TO US!

    If you guys want us to use your ephing' product, open your damn eyes and ears a little!