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    Good old Dave (sorry bout the old, just a figure of speech) hits the nail on the head ... why oh why did the IE team let him go? At least we had some feedback when Dave was involved.

    From his blog..

    DMassy wrote:

    I do agree though that the IE team needs to start talking to the developer community on a much more consistent basis. After the release of IE7 all online chats stopped. The online chats had been taking place every month since well before IE7 was under development. After the release of IE7 the bug reporting system was withdrawn. There have been vague promises that it was only temporary but it has now been almost a year and no replacement is in sight.

    The IE team does not have to give exact details of IE8 but their complete silence shows a complete lack of respect for the developer community.

    I'm not personally that interested in IE8 right now, I've been disappointed once (well more than once) and I am more than happy with my alternative choices - but do you have an opinion on how quiet the IE team has been? Any chance of Rory going over to investigate?