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    I am a webcentric dev. So, browsers can be my blessing or curse.

    I have hated abandoning IE as my browser of choice. Long before IE6 became long on the tooth, I was just simply floored by IE6. The things we were doing at first made me want to get an "E" tattoo, I swear! (but I am not cool enough to sport a MS tattoo. I'll leave that to Petzold).

    Then as things evolved and changed, like so many others I shifted to FireFox as my target development browser. I couldn't wait for IE7. I too read all of the postings and saw community feedback and thought "This time MS is going to 'get it'!. This thing is going to rule!"

    The heart break after IE7 was first installed on my machine was, I hate to admit, kind of actually real. I literally put a lot of hope into IE7 being the sh!t.

    It didn't happen as we know. I am still designing for other browsers and checking IE secodnary and hacking for it.

    So, when I read hear about IE8 my intial reaction is, "who cares?" I am not going to participate in any forums, offer feedback, or rush to use beta versions again. MS needs to earn me back as a developer to their browser platform.