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    Bas wrote:

    I'm noticing that a lot of MS teams are using their 'blogs' as vehicles to post press releases. There's no conversation whatsoever. If there are comments between the pingbacks, they'll mostly be ignored.

    The WHS team was, and still is, pretty excellent. They engage in conversation on forums and their blog. The IE team blog is dismal, and the Live ID blog is a joke. Over 6 months between updates, and no replies to questions in comments.

    The problem with team blogs is that they are the official word of the team. Therefore they are very careful about what they post. I agree though that some teams blogs are a complete joke. At least Eric Lawrence the creator of Fiddler and a Program Manager on the IE team does respond frequently to comments on the IE team blog even though it isn't his job.
    It'd be great if there were more individual blogs from the IE team such as Chris Wilson's. Oh wait, that's really a joke too! A work based blog with an occasional entry about cats. I think people expect something a little more on topic from the IE platform architect. It appears that the IE leadership does not understand that value of clear communication and even worse the damage done when they start such communication and then stop.