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    jsampsonPC wrote:
    Well, I'll put it this way - if the IE team doesn't start this "conversation" that we all desire, and IE8 is nothing what the community desires, then I'm going to give up on working with IE. Seriously. I'm going to become the biggest FireFox fanboy you guys have ever seen if this happens

    I'm already there. I would consider myself to be essentially an MS-centric developer, but like all other MS-centric devs I know, I can recognise a good product when I see one, and I now use FireFox as my primary web-dev target.

    FireFox is now my "correct" version, and IE is now a "compromised" version -- while Safari is a "retarded" version and Opera is an "eccentric" version Tongue Out

    It shouldn't take a genius to work out what the developer community wants... there is a template for MS to copy... FireFox.

    How hard can it be for MS to figure this out out..?  Interact with the dev community and get the plumbing sorted first, to make the thing competitive with FireFox and to get the support of web-devs... and *THEN* differentiate it with service and gui features for the end-users.

    I tend to view MS's approach to IE as being akin to reorganising the deck-chairs on the Titanic.