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View Thread: Bye, and good luck Rory
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    Hey -

    Thanks, everybody Smiley

    It was a tough year. The past several months - due more to my medical leave than the usual on-the-job insanity - have been a dry spell for me here, and I know that's had a negative impact on 9.

    Since you're all here to get from 9 what 9 should give you, I wanted to... "apologize" (I'm not sure if this is the right word given my reasons for disappearing) for not having produced much. Whether good or bad, you people expect videos. It was my job to deliver, and I think I sucked.

    And thank Charles Torre as much as you can and as often as possible. He's a machine. He never complained (to me, anyway) about having to work with an emotionally and mentally unstable nutball. He's been patient and tolerant this whole time.

    Really - if I were in his position, I'd have broken every last one of my legs.


    Thanks again - it was an odd, odd, odd year...