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    (Cross Posted from my blog.)

    There's only one team for me at Microsoft and that of course is Developer & Platform Evangelism.  It is called DPE inside Microsoft.  Within DPE lives my group that creates both technology and the content that drives Channels 8, 9 and 10.  

    As a team we're on a mission to change how Microsoft does Evangelism and that is through the combination of social media and online community.  We have a bunch of openings on our team.  First there is an opening for a Channel 9 Evangelist that will report directly to me. 

    Technical Evangelist, Channel 9
    Official HR Recruiting Link Coming Soon!

    Come join the team that has changed the way Microsoft communicates with Developers.  The Developer and Platform Evangelism Team is hiring a technical Evangelist to join the Channel 9 team. Channel 9 ( was created three years ago as an experimental way to build a two way interaction between developers and Microsoft using video as its primary communication tool. Since then Channel 9 has grown in both traffic and content, it is viewed by millions of visitors per month and is one of the top video blogs on the planet. As a result of this growth we are looking for another unique individual who has the passion, the knowledge, and the skills to help us tell the Microsoft story online.

    We are looking for a rare bird for a new kind of evangelism role at Microsoft. The ideal candidate will be well versed in the current wave of Microsoft developer technologies, industry trends, and competition. Experience in software development is required along with the ability to film and editing your own videos.  You would be a member of a small team responsible for the care and feeding of this unique community.

    A passion for software development along with a desire to tell the world the Microsoft story is critical. 
    Strong written communication skills will be important traits of a successful candidate.  Roles and responsibilities change quickly so flexibility and fast decision making abilities are a must.

    Next up, our development team has an opening, reporting to Duncan Mackenzie

    Software Design Engineer

    The Developer and Platform Evangelism Team is hiring a software design engineer to join the team that builds and extends Channel 9, Channel 10 and more. Our sites build a two way interaction between our customers and Microsoft using video as the primary communication tool. In the past several years we have built several additional sites and our network has grown in both traffic and content, and as a result we are looking for an additional Software Design Engineer to join the team. We are looking for someone who lives and breathes HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX and ASP.NET. The ideal candidate will have skills in all those technologies combined with a passion for design and user experience.
    Do you like to ship, takes chances and effect change? Do you want to build cool sites that use Silverlight and Atlas to deliver a great user experience? Then come join our group where you'll find a small dynamic team of folks and you'll swear you are part of startup.
    Experience in HTML/CSS, ASP.NET and C# is required and experience with AJAX, SQL, Scrum and Test-Driven Development is highly desired. Experience with Silverlight and/or WPF is not required but it would be great to have.

    Finally, Larry Larsen who leads the Channel 10 Team has an opening too. 

    Channel 10 - Technical Evangelist

    Channel 10 is looking for a technology leader to be our newest on-air host. You should be an enterprising, professional host who is comfortable on camera and passionate about technology. You should be the type of person who consumes a tremendous amount of tech news. You should know the difference between 3G and 2.5G, Xbox 360 games and Live Arcade, UMPCs and MicroPCs.

    You'll need to be able to keep a secret, because you'll see things you can't talk about. You'll need a passport because we might need to drop you just about anywhere. This is the job of a lifetime, to become part of the public face of Microsoft, speaking to millions of technology enthusiasts Worldwide, and shining a light on people who build Microsoft products and services and the people who use those in innovative ways.

    You'll need to know how to edit video like a pro and be ready to hit the ground running. You need to be able to develop stories and work autonomously and efficiently.

    An online video reel must be submitted with resume for consideration. If you’re unable to get a video online, this isn’t the right fit for you.

    Long story, short:

    If you want to join a team that loves to ship software, create cool/interesting content and talks to customers every day of the week, my team is the place to do that at Microsoft. To apply please visit the recruiting site (linked to in the titles above) and submit your resume.  Please also send me a note (JeffSand at Microsoft dot com) letting me know you've done so.

    We've got an amazing year ahead of us, with lots of fun surprises in store.  If you are interested in being a part of that and think you've got the right stuff then apply today.