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    LaBomba wrote:
    Longest post in C9 history      

    Quite possibly Smiley

    I do come around and read posts here from time to time, and this on in particular has...

    Not pissed me off, exactly - not disappointed me - just...

    Obviously I don't know how to say it in a sentence, which is probably why I wrote the small book.

    What gets me is the attitude that, because someone else had this job before, nobody else possibly can now.

    Does that even make sense? Not really, but when you strip away the details, that's the argument.

    Instead of people saying, "I can't do this because it's obvious I wouldn't get hired, " I want them to understand why they *really* wouldn't get hired.

    It's the same argument over and over and over and over... and over.

    If the people who think it's all about nepotism and secret handshakes take the time to read this, then they might see that there's much more to the job that simply knowing Someone.

    It sucks to call Jeff out to suggest that he's not going to hire anyone who isn't already Some Big Blogger or Whatever - when Jeff came here and posted *specifically* to notify the community that he wants people to step up.