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View Thread: C9 Park: The REAL reason Rory quit
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    Ion Todirel wrote:
    sorry, can someone explain me why is that funny? everyone says "funny, funny..." never understood the whole c9 park thing

    Thesedays one can assume that if a reviewer or commentator says it's "funny" then it isn't.

    The definition of "funny" has been degraded and inflated so much. Before it was "comedians are funny", now it's "clowns are funny": which is the point: clowns are not funny, they're either scary or pathetic (and didn't even amuse me when I was 4,5,6).

    Maybe it's just that practically everything consumed by the masses is contrived thesedays, true laboured creativity really can't be engineered, but so long as it remains profitable for Harry Enfield to churn out poor impersonations, Stephen Fry to attempt comedy[1], or Matt Lucas to even exist there's no hope for independent funnay in the mainstream.

    [1]QI is good, but when he tries to cause a laugh, he fails; as demonstrated by his material for the 40th Anniversary of BBC Radio 4.